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About Me

I 'm a dedicated therapist on a mission to contribute to a more compassionate and healed world

There are several transformational experiences in my life. One was growing up as a second-generation immigrant where I experienced Eastern and Western cultural clashes. These early experiences are influential in my own personal practice of self-compassion and sparked the beginning of my own healing journey. This is where I learned, first-hand, the profound impact of holistic care and how trauma can be stored in the body. This insight guides my approach to therapy, emphasizing a holistic understanding of each person’s unique path to healing.

My passion in caring for people and supporting them to alleviate their own suffering is driven by an innate desire to make the world a better place. As a therapist, I bring genuine curiosity to each session, eager to uncover the unique story that shapes every individual. I value connection and aim to show up with presence, authenticity and respect as I believe it is the foundation for positive healing and growth.

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Neurodivergent affirming therapist holding dog in Oshawa Durham office

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